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DIRECTV deals mean Madison gets more full-time HD channels

No more fuzzy screens or squinting at the picture; with DIRECTV you get crystal clear HD channels included in every package. HD stands for high definition and the difference between it and standard definition is as clear as the nose on your favorite actor’s face – literally. With HD you get Blu-ray™ quality images to catch every freckle on Brad Pitt’s face and every wink from Denzel Washington; subtle things you would never see without the 1080p picture brought to your Wisconsin home with DIRECTV.

Choose DIRECTV and experience the nation’s best HD programming whenever you like. Channels like National Geographic Channel HD, Food Network‚Ą† HD, A&E® HD, and CNN® HD are just a sampling of the more than 170 full-time HD channels DIRECTV offers you for your Madison living room; that’s by far the most of any television provider. And if you desire, you can get more than 285 all-digital DIRECTV® channels, including premium movie networks such as HBO,® STARZ,® SHOWTIME® and Cinemax,® all at the touch of a button. Near endless entertainment makes DIRECTV the best deal in Madison.

Size doesn’t matter with DIRECTV

Whether you have a huge flatscreen that takes up the entire family room wall or a small screen in the kids’ bedroom for early morning SpongeBob SquarePants viewings, if your TV is HD-ready, it is compatible for your new DIRECTV HD digital receiver. Most new televisions are high definition ready, so your only concern is picking out which DIRECTV package suits your TV best. And there’s no better deal than using what you already have rather than having to buy a whole new television set. DIRECTV works with you to save money and bring you the best HD television and movies possible.

Whole-Home DVR is ready for your Madison home

When you upgrade to Whole-Home DVR, one of the best DIRECTV deals, your whole family can watch whatever they want, in any room of the house, in crystal clear HD. Kids can settle in the family room with Cartoon Network™ and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, while the grown-ups can catch up on Broadwalk Empire in the master bedroom.

Digitally record your favorite shows when you’re going out to a lakeside event on Lake Mendota and watch them when you return with your farm veggies from Wisconsin’s Dane County Farmers’ Market. You’ve seen the features on commercials, now experience them for yourself when you have the freedom to start a show in one room, pause it, move to another room and pick up where you left off.

With up to 15 TVs connected, every member of your family can have a private showing of the best in television and movies. And when you have DIRECTV’s Whole-Home DVR, you can record two programs while watching two others, all at the same time. Upgrading is simple – just call and speak to an agent today and find out how soon you can get the easy-to-use Whole-Home DVR in your home.

DIRECTV brings you the shows you want in Madison, and its deals allow you to watch them on your schedule, right in your cozy living room.

Get equipment that’s efficient and easy to use

Learning how to operate a new home entertainment system seems like a daunting task; nothing but buttons and blinking lights, right? But with DIRECTV, your Madison home entertainment center is easy like Sunday morning.

Other cable companies and satellite TV providers require multiple boxes and wires for their equipment to work – not so with DIRECTV. When you upgrade to Whole-Home DVR all you need is one small, lightweight receiver for your TV. Each TV gets its own receiver, so don’t worries about switching wires or carrying remotes with you from room to room. One main digital video recorder sits proudly with your main TV, and though it’s no bulky weight, it still carries the latest in state-of-the-art technology in its slim frame.

The user-friendly system operates with one remote and one menu system, so no need to learn a separate system when you switch rooms. And with DIRECTV, you can trust that the best in HD is brought to every room that holds your receiver.

Check out all the DIRECTV deals for Madison

In addition to the free installation and amazing upgrades, DIRECTV offers deals that cater to your specific needs. Call today and find out what waits for your Madison home with DIRECTV!

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